Nashville, often hailed as the heartbeat of the country music world, pulsates with creative energy and a deep love for live music. In a place where art and expression take center stage, we wanted to compile a list of five live music venues that truly embody the creative spirit that Nashville has to offer. All five of the venues on this list are places where the beats and rhythms of the city’s creative heart are felt in every corner.


The Basement East

Located just a 3 minute walk from the Russell, The Basement East boasts a welcoming and intimate atmosphere that encourages a sense of community between the performers and the crowd. One of the most remarkable aspects of The Basement East is its commitment to musical diversity. It’s not just a country music venue; it’s a place where a wide spectrum of genres come together. From rock n’ roll to indie, from blue to folk, there truly is something for everyone. Whether you’re a devoted local, or just in town for the weekend, The Basement East is a must visit destination.


Music Makers Stage

Music Makers Stage is a hidden gem that defies the status quo and embraces the unconventional. A small, intimate event space with virtual capacities, Music Makers Stage is the perfect space for friendly concerts, album releases, or even special gatherings. In good weather, Music Makers Stage opens their bay window, adding to its inviting atmosphere and allowing guests to take in the crisp autumn breeze. The venue hosts a variety of artists and genres every Friday night, so make sure to get your tickets for an evening you won’t want to miss.  


The 5 Spot

Nestled in the heart of East Nashville, The 5 Spot is a musical gem that embodies the vibrant and diverse spirit of Music City. With its unassuming exterior and welcoming interior, The 5 Spot is the place for emerging and established artists alike, featuring performers from nearly every genre under the sun. From rock to indie to country, the weekly lineups are endless. The 5 Spot is a necessary venue to check out on your path to becoming a local.


Eastside Bowl

Located in the heart of the vibrant East Nashville neighborhood, Eastside Bowl is Nashville’s ultimate destination for a blend of music, entertainment, and bowling. The venue offers a unique and lively atmosphere that perfectly captures the spirit of Music City. Eastside Bowl takes the classic American pastime of bowling to a whole new level. On top of the state-of-the art bowling lanes, the venue also features local bands and nationally touring artists taking the stage to deliver unforgettable performances. Eastside Bowl truly delivers a one of a kind experience you don’t want to miss. 


Jane’s Hideaway

Taking a modern twist on Bluegrass and Americana, Jane’s Hideaway features virtuoso players nightly with an acoustic touch. Jane’s Hideaway is an establishment that lets you embrace the heartbeat of Nashville and unwind in moments of sophistication and serenity, all in one unforgettable experience. Experience a harmonious blend of delicious cuisine and live music, perfect for a date night or a girls night out. If you’re looking for an elegant escape from the lively streets of Music City, Jane’s Hideaway is the place to be.


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