The Cumberland Presbyterian Church constructs The Russell’s original building.



The Russell Street Church of Christ, formerly known as the Woodland Street Church of Christ, acquires the building for a mere $10,500 and holds their inaugural service on May 25, 1913.



A fire engulfs the East Nashville neighborhood, destroying 35 blocks in less than 5 hours. While the church remained unharmed, the rest of the community suffered devastating damage.

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An influenza epidemic strikes Nashville, prompting the conversion of the church into a makeshift hospital to provide care for the surrounding East Nashville community.



The church increases its commitment to community outreach, pioneering a daycare, sick ward, and clinic to deliver vital medical and dental care to those in need within the community.  




The Russell Street Church of Christ congregation celebrates a century of dedicated service, with 75 of those years being spent at the Russell Street location.




In April of 1998, a tornado tears through East Nashville causing substantial damage to the church – it blows off the steeple, rips a gash in the roof, and shatters several of the iconic stained-glass windows. The repair expenses surpass the insurance settlement forcing much of the damage to be abandoned and left unrepaired.



The church is purchased by a developer who works to restore the structural damage and return the church to its charming roots. The repaired stained-glass windows and repurposed bell tower that you see today were both recovered in 2001.

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The Russell is purchased by Anchor Investments in 2018 and construction begins to turn the semi renovated but abandoned building into what is now the enchanting Russell Hotel. 




Anchor’s vision finally comes to life and The Russell Nashville opens its doors in June 2019. The first boutique hotel in Nashville of its kind, The Russell helps to provide resources and shelter to those experiencing homelessness in Nashville. 

In the present day, The Russell works to carry its legacy forward by providing refuge, safety, and belonging to people in need. We feel as though it is our responsibility to add to the rich history of The Russell, and have done so through our Rooms for Rooms program. We want our guests to feel good knowing that when they stay with us, they are helping change lives.