Building constructed by Cumberland Presbyterian Church.




Building purchased for $10,500 by the Russell Street Church of Christ (then known as Woodland Street Church of Christ. Their first service here was on May 25, 1913.




Fire sweeps through East Nashville neighborhood and destroys 35 blocks in less than 5 hours. This building was unharmed, but damage to the rest of the community was devastating.

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Influenza epidemic hits Nashville and the church building is converted into a makeshift hospital to care for surrounding East Nashville community.




The church becomes more involved in community outreach and establishes a daycare, sick ward, and clinic which provided medical and dental care to the poor.




Russell Street Church of Christ congregation celebrates 100 years of service, 75 of which were at the Russell Street location.




In April, a tornado weeps through East Nashville and does significant damage – blowing off the steeple, tearing a gash in the roof, and breaking several of the iconic stained-glass windows. Repair costs exceeded the insurance settlement.




Building purchased by a developer who, in time, restored some of the structural damage and repaired the stained-glass windows which you see today.

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The Russell Nashville opened June 2019.