Night View The Russell

Welcome to the Nashville’s Greatest Give Back Hospitality!

My parents used to take me every Sunday when I was a kid,
so I’ve had some prior experience sleeping in church, but I never imagined
paying to sleep in a church, but here we are at The Russell.
A 115-year-old historic church turned boutique hotel in 2019.
It’s widely regarded as one of Nashville’s most distinctive hotels.
Many of the original structural features, such as stained glass windows,
church pews used as headboards, and old brick walls, were preserved.

You won’t find anyone at the front desk because there is no on-site concierge service.
They do, however, respond right away to cell phone inquiries. Their technology-driven 
hospitality is second to none and a true sanctuary in the heart of East Nashville.

As much as we were impressed by The Russell’s attention to every meticulous
interior design detail, we fell in love with The Russell because of its mission.
By staying at The Russell, you assist an unhoused person in Nashville through
the Rooms for Rooms program.

The average weekend stay provides one of the following:
16 nights in a bed
100 free showers
30 free meals



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