Standard Queen

ROOM 3:5

The Russell’s story is honored through attention to detail in every room. This third floor windowless room features a gorgeous skylight that lets in sun from the 3rd floor common area. Choose to open the shade and enjoy the morning sunshine or evening glow of historic East Nashville. Close the shade for a restful retreat after a day of exploring the city. Vibrant pink walls and a unique red bathroom are designed to reflect the beauty and aesthetic of the stained glass windows in the lobby. Attentive features include walls adorned with local art, luxurious robes, a small basket of hand-selected local snacks, custom furniture including a richly colored upholstered headboard, and much more!

*The Russell does not contain an elevator for guest use, however guests may use the dumbwaiter to send luggage up to the floor they are staying on if they do not wish to carry it up the stairs.

Note: We require Friday and Saturday to be booked together.