Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s is a Nashville staple serving up cold drinks and delicious southern-style dishes. Edley’s is known for their bbq but do not pass up the delicious sides and desserts. Pro tip – leave time for a nap after this meal, you’ll need it!




Boom-Bozz is a family pizza company that has subsisted off of creating gourmet pizzas with premium ingredients. It has a wild selection of craft beers to go along with its pizza offerings. A great place to spend a long Friday lunch.


Greko Greek Street Food

One of our personal favorites in East Nashville, Greko Greet Street Food is a delicious fast casual restaurant, bringing an eclectic menu to the south. Their take on the Greek cuisine is a fantastic compliment to any Nashville excursion.


I Dream of Weenie
Located in the heart of East Nashville’s 5-points, I Dream of Weenie is known both for its quirky modified VW bus and yummy signature charcoal-grilled weenies. It will add quite the flare and authenticity to your experience.


Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish
Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish is owned by Bolton Mathews, this restaurant can trace its roots way back. The late Bolton Polk—Mathews’ uncle and hot chicken mentor – Before his death, he passed his recipe on to his nephew. “Our chicken is spicy, but it won’t cause you to lose your composure,” is how Bolton’s manager, Dollye describes it.