Unique: The Russell, Nashville

The Russell is one of the most distinctive boutique hotels in all of Nashville. Once a functioning church, it now houses 23 unique rooms with a modern, alluring twist. The church walls have stood for 115 years nestled away in what has grown to be one of Nashville’s most entertaining neighborhoods. Each room features many original details such as stained glass windows, original brick walls, and even headboards made of recycled pews. The fun, bright colors and alluring characteristics of design will speak to your playful side while bringing you a sense of romance. Not only will you share a wonderful memory with your loved one but you will change lives in doing so. The Russell’s slogan, Stay here, Change lives, is set in motion with every hotel booking. Each time The Russell is chosen by a guest, a donation is made to care for the local homeless population by providing 16 beds and warm meals to a homeless shelter with an average booking.

The Russell is located at 819 Russell St | Nashville, TN 37206


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