I visited The Russell boutique hotel in East Nashville for the first time on Thanksgiving week, to photograph a small intimate wedding of a local couple. I truly enjoyed my experience and seeing the style/character of the hotel, completely unique from the standard branded hotel. The boutique hotel features 23 rooms, all styled uniquely from one another, and a large lobby common area. These features collectively make The Russell one of the most distinctive and remarkably styled travel / local destinations, and Nashville small event venues. I’ll elaborate a bit more after sharing some photos of the stunning venue.

The building was originally the Russell Street Church Of Christ, established in 1913. Over the years, the building’s vacancy caused it to fall into a state of disrepair. The Russell did a fabulous job restoring the building while keeping many of its charming features such as the stained glass windows, ornate brick work, and bell tower. Incidentally, the bell tower is actually one of the rooms! The charm of the early 20th-century architecture works flawlessly with the newly appointed modern vintage furnishings.

What’s different about The Russell, besides the styling? There is no on-site staff. The hotel has all the technology one could need, all while retaining the comfort and charm of the past. Staff is always available if needed, and does come on-site to do the cleaning of the facility and rooms. The couple whose wedding I photographed had to improvise their plans because of restrictions with Covid-19, but the hotel was gracious to allow us to use the lobby with beautiful stained glass windows for the small intimate gathering. Hand sanitizer and a very clean facility were available to all. Not only is The Russell a charming boutique hotel and travel destination, but one of the most character-filled East Nashville small event venues. The Russell was accommodating. I look forward to returning soon. Hopefully, by then the dust settles with the pandemic; then we can just celebrate health and life.


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