Fortune Magazine wrote a great article describing how The Russell and other Nashville hotels are bucking the airbnb trend. Read the article below:

The Russell

23 rooms; starting at $100. A repurposed church with restored stained-glass windows and pews turned into headboards, The Russell is perhaps East Nashville’s most talked-about transformation. While aesthetic elements of the church remain, The Russell is thoroughly modern, with a podcast recording studio available to the general public and free snacks from local purveyors in the guest rooms.

Standout amenities: Neighborhood bookseller The Bookshop curated titles for the guest rooms and lobby. The local developer of the Russell also owns a small loft property downtown and is working on another church-to-hotel transformation in East Nashville.

The Russell is notable for its philanthropic initiatives including donations to city ministries for the homeless and support for Shower Up, a truck that provides those living on the street opportunities for a hot shower. Lacher estimates the hotel will donate more than $100,000 in its first year.”