Check out the Nashville Business Journal’s article with a virtual tour of the Russell Nashville Hotel with Marq Burnett and Martin Cherry:

“When guests enter The Russell Hotel, they won’t be greeted with your typical check-in desk.

While there is a mock front desk, there won’t be anyone manning the area, reflecting the Russell’s technology-based experience. Instead, guests use their smartphones to check in and out.

The Russell, a 23-room boutique hotel in East Nashville, was constructed in the former Cumberland Presbyterian Church, built in 1904. The first guests are scheduled to check in June 5.

Among the 23 rooms, eight are single beds while 15 have multiple sleeping options, including two suites.

Depending on the day of the week, rooms at The Russell range between $150 and $400 a night.

The Russell blends elements from the church, like some of the building’s original stained glass and pews as headboards in the majority of the rooms. Room numbers are styled as bible verses. Exposed brick in certain parts of the hotel give it a modern, rustic feel. There’s an old-school luggage lift on the first floor for guests who prefer not to haul their belongings upstairs.

For a look inside, check out the slideshow with this story.

Micah Lacher, president of Anchor Investments, which developed The Russell, said the build-out represented a $7 million investment.

The Russell also features a photo booth and an on-site podcasting recording studio for guests or visitors.

Each night’s stay supports local nonprofits that serve homeless people. An average weekend stay would provide “16 warm meals and a bed,” according to The Russell’s website.”