Our friend, Meredith Carey, rated 506 Lofts as the best hotel for business travelers with the follow blurb:

“For the Business Traveler

This industrial loft is among a variety of rentals in one of downtown Nashville’s century-old buildings—and is run by local company Anchor Rentals, which just opened a boutique hotel in a renovated East Nashville church. What that means for business travelers is that they won’t have to worry about hosts cancelling or needing the space, since it’s always open for visitors. This particular apartment, with its ultra-high ceilings, multiple workspaces, and well-equipped kitchen (which includes a microwave, coffee machine, and toaster oven for quick breakfasts), is a great spot for weekday visitors. It’s also right in the heart of downtown, which means easy access to the surrounding offices and Broadway, should you want to get a taste of the honky tonks after work. It’s also an Airbnb Plus, so you don’t have to pack shampoo, soap, and the like—they’ll already be in the bathroom.”

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