Our friends at WTVF interviewed the founder Micah Lacher for his thoughts on the inspiration behind The Russell Nashville Hotel. Watch the clip at the link below:


Quoted from our friends at News Channel 5:

“NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A historic church is now one of East Nashville’s newest boutique hotels. The Russell is a space ready for saints and sinners alike.

“We open on June 5 right in time for CMA Fest,” said Micah Lacher, President of Anchor Investments. “We have 23 rooms on three different floors in the hotel.”

The church, which was was built in 1904, has 40-foot ceilings and a bell-tower.

Originally Cumberland Presbyterian, its named for its location on the corner of Russell Street and 9th Avenue.

“We’re about a mile walking to Titan’s stadium. All the restaurants and bars in East Nashville are only two blocks away,” he said.

Lacher says the building may be old, but the concept is brand new.

“We have multiple hotels here in town. They’re all technology-based so they’re won’t be someone at the front desk. Everything is communicated through technology on your cell phone. It’s all automated. We have concierges but they work remotely,” he said.

Every corner has one-of-a-kind details. The color pallet was inspired by the stain glass, the bed are converted pews, even the wall-paper has religious references.

And while The Russell is no longer a place of worship, Lacher says the hotel is projected to donate more than 100-thousand dollars towards local non-profits just in the first year. He hopes their presence will bless the Nashville community.”